Recycling – The Importance of It

Today more and more people are recycling but they still do not completely know why it is important to do so. Many realize that when they recycle they are helping to minimize draining the planet’s limited resources but there are many other factors as to why it is so important.

• This is a process will help to decrease the presence of waste materials in your community. When you recycle items like paper, plastics, and glass, you are able to create new products from them instead of using space in the landfill. No one wants to have a landfill near their office, factory, or home so recycling avoids creating new larger landfills.

• When you recycle and reuse items, it is possible to decrease what it costs to produce new products quite a bit. One example of this decrease is that it can take up to ninety percent less energy to produce an aluminum can from using products that have been recycled than it would if you were creating the can from raw materials. When recycling it extends the preservation of raw materials along with decreasing the energy that is needed to manufacture different products.

• When you recycle, it can help to create new jobs in this field. As more people begin to do it there is going to be a greater need for people to collect, sort, and then process the items that are being recycled.
When there are more jobs created in the community it means that there will be more money spent in the local stores. There will also be more taxes collected, giving everyone a healthier economy.

• It also helps to maintain a healthy balance in the ecology of the planet. When you do not have to mine raw materials to continue producing the same amount of products there will be less damage to the forests, rivers, and areas where wildlife lives. Every form of life on Earth is dependent on the presence of some other form of life so when you maintain an ecological balance it provides security for future generations.

When you look at all the reasons to reuse and recycle you will see that your contribution does really make a difference, no matter how large or small your contribution is. When you take the combined efforts of all the people in the world, you can see that it does make a big difference on how resources are used, the quality of air, and so much more. Do your part by taking those millions of plastic bags back to the store and place them in the boxes they have in the store for them and take your cardboard, plastic and glass bottles to the recycling center.