Reusing Technology Equipment Benefits All

A recent study, taken out by Facebook, revealed that only 40% of the world has ever connected to the Internet. This statistic might not necessarily surprise you, but it might if you also take into consideration that 11 million people in the UK alone actually don’t have access to the Internet. One major reason behind these people not having access to the Internet is because they simply don’t have a working computer at home.

Statistically, there are also approximately 10 million computers and laptops discarded each year in the UK alone. As well as those 10 million discarded computers, laptops, and smart phones, there are bound to be even more computers and technological equipment that sit around unused, whether in homes or in work places. Reusemypc reuses those discarded and unused computers, and puts them to good use by donating them.

The concept is simple: Reusemypc wants people, companies and businesses to donate their unused computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and technological equipment to help those 11 million people in the UK to get online and become digitally included. It is particularly important, as approximately 500,000 of those are actually schoolchildren, to which gaining access to the Internet is vital for their learning and development. Reusemypc explains: “By donating your computers and equipment, you will help bridge the digital, educational, social and financial divide that having a computer brings to each and every one of us.”

Anyone can contribute through donating unused computer equipment, and donators can even have a say where the equipment will go. Reusemypc have 3 main areas where they are keen to help:

” – With a programme aimed at getting the 500,000 school children that don’t have a computer at home online to help with their learning and we are sure their families too.

– UK Charities committed to helping people learn how to use computers for the first time to which there are 11 million people in the UK lacking the skills and equipment they need to be a part of our ever growing digital community.

– Individuals who are currently not online and that are unable to purchase new equipment.”

These programmes and charities ensure that those 11 million people without access to the Internet, or a computer, will become digitally included. These organisations help people who have never had access to the Internet, or a computer, become familiar with the technology, which helps further bridge the digital and educational divide.

As well as clearly helping out with those 11 million people, donating your unused computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone will help reduce waste by sustainably reusing this technology in a helpful, socially minded way. One main difference between Reusemypc and other computer disposal services is that they don’t recycle the equipment; they simply reuse it. Reusemypc even offers a free collection service (subject to volume), and provides a full Blancco CESG approved data erasure on all hard drives that get donated. This means that you don’t even have to remove all of your old data on your computer yourself before donating.

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